Internet law

Internet law

"Laurence Kaye is an invaluable authority for publishers who have moved their content to the internet. He is easy to instruct as his drafting is generally clear and unambiguous, even when dealing with complex technical issues."

In the early 1990s, when the internet first emerged into public consciousness followed by the Web, it was seen as 'cyberspace', a law free, parallel universe.

Today, internet law is understood as being a combination of applying existing laws to online (for example the law of defamation to social media posts) and introducing new or updated laws (for example to copyright, allowing teachers to display copyright works on an interactive white board without permission.

Of course, the fact that internet law may apply is not the same as making it workable or enforceable. The debate about regulation of the UK media and the distinction between the 'official press' and the blogosphere and social media illustrate that point.

For your business, this is not an academic debate. Internet law provides the framework within which online business is conducted. The 'big themes' of internet law can affect your business, and it needs to be taken into account in shaping business models, managing legal risk and doing business nationally and internationally.

For this, you need experienced lawyers who can give you strategic as well as practical, commercial, legally sound and risk-based advice to help you achieve your business goals without 'over-lawyering'.

The publishing and digital media team at Shoosmiths has been at the forefront of strategic, commercial, technological and legal developments caused by the emergence of the digital economy from the outset, advising global brands to innovative start-ups.

It is led by Laurence Kaye, who was one of the first lawyers to advise on internet law. He also takes an active role in global forums and associations, and helped international authorities craft new legislative framework.

So whether you are a business assessing the strategic options or a technology player who is forging ahead with complex deals, we are the commercial and legal guide that you need.

Previous work highlights

  • We advise leading companies on their digital strategy
  • We compiled and delivered a report for an international media trade association on changes in copyright law across 13 legal jurisdictions and its impact on its members' businesses
  • We have devised and led several international legal compliance programmes for online projects which reconciled conflicting national laws
  • We help several clients integrate intellectual property protection and exploitation into their business plans