Publishing, ebooks & apps

Publishing, ebooks & apps

"Clients highlight [the team] for its skill and know-how in handling publishing matters, and it is increasingly dealing with matters that cross over into the digital media arena."

Chambers UK 2013

As an established publisher, author or agent you face a triple challenge: to manage your traditional print businesses, build digital revenues and, most challenging, to figure out what the future looks like.

Equally, you may be a new entrant to the publishing industry, offering a new product or service to capitalise on the opportunities in this fast changing world.

Traditional distribution structures in publishing are changing fast. The publishing ecosystem is becoming one where content, brands, copyright and technology form the centre of a constantly changing sphere of distribution platforms, formats (including e-books, apps and enhanced editions as well as print), collaborations, channels, communities and services.

You want legal advisers who have and continue to work at the cutting edge in moving world-leading content to digital platforms - whether through the web, or mobile, and whether as e-books, apps, or games, social media or as something completely new. And 'new' can also include print, too, with print-on-demand and other physical products.

The way you acquire rights, license them and partner with other companies - the supply side - is changing. And so are the commercial terms, including royalty rates, revenue shares and co-venturing arrangements. You are also partnering with technology companies and with new partners in other sectors of the entertainment, media and information industries.

You want a legal team which can think strategically and which understands both the traditional publishing industry, as well as the 'IP centric, platform agnostic' world which is unfolding. You want a team with experience in devising and negotiating the deals and contracts which underpin your business, which knows the key commercial terms and which can also provide practical, risk-based legal compliance advice.

Whether you need us to help you navigate the entire process, handle specific contract negotiations provide contract and legal workshops, our experienced publishing and digital media team will help you.

Previous work highlights

  • Lead lawyers on initial development of Pottermore, the new digital home of J K Rowling's Harry Potter books
  • Revised standard contracts to cover e-books, Apps etc. for several leading publishers, including contracts with and app and ebook developers
  • Helped a Literary Estate to formulate and implement a business strategy for re-publishing out of print works as e-books as well as providing copyright and contractual advice
  • Handling a wide range of digital contracts for a leading newspaper