Advertising & marketing

Advertising & marketing

Businesses fight tooth and nail to attract customers - consumer and commercial - and to grow their market share, especially in these straightened times.

You only need look at spectacular brand collapses such as Ratners to see that it can take years to build a brand, but just a few moments to destroy it.

Red tape is increasing, consumer blogs and websites are on the rise, and customers are increasingly wary of asterisks and the small print on advertisements, competitions and prize promotions.

Not only this, but they are more aware of their right to complain and the subsequent problems this can cause for businesses.

Our team specialises in providing great value, commercial and legally compliant advertising and marketing advice at very short notice.

Shoosmiths' team comprises regulatory, intellectual property and commercial specialists who have worked in-house at major brands, from automotive to retail.

So they truly understand the time and commercial pressures on compliance personnel to get innovative, compliant advertising approved by sales and marketing teams.

We regularly advise major global brands on:

  • production of clever, commercially viable and legally compliant advertising campaigns in the print, broadcast and online arenas
  • advice on web content which is compliant with advertising, brand protection and trading standards legislation
  • defending and making complaints against competitors in relation to misleading advertising, incorrect comparative advertising and the brand damage arising from the same
  • making representations to Clearcast and the RACC in relation to getting advertising approved for broadcast
  • making detailed submissions to the Advertising Standards Authority defending clients during investigations by Trading Standards in relation to 'claims' on products and in advertisements (broadcast/print/online)
  • advising on the tactical use of consumer protection legislation and advertising rules in commercial disputes

The best advertising is almost always clear and compliant. We can make sure yours is, too, and that it helps to grow your brands.

Recent experience includes:

  • Advising a number of companies on their responses to investigations by Which? and BBC Watchdog into allegations of poor customer service, product quality; and alleged misleading and aggressive sales practices
  • Successfully defending a major car manufacturer in a dispute with the Advertising Standards Authority over the strength of its warranty claims and substantiating the same to enable a European advertising campaign, which provided a considerably stronger message than anything else on the market
  • Advising a food manufacturer on permissible wording for health claims relating to approved technical information by EFSA
  • Advising a global manufacturing and retail business in a high profile sector on the restrictions on its sales and marketing techniques and objecting to the political advertising of lobby groups
  • Advising a major white goods manufacturer on disputing a competitor's advertising claims and successfully seeking its removal, plus redress
  • Training sales and marketing staff at a number of major businesses on advertising, pricing, data protection and trade mark compliance