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Gain self-awareness, create and clarify your performance goals, unlock your potential, and have a personal sounding board

  • Be your best self
  • Total confidentiality
  • Bespoke support

Sometimes it takes a different kind of relationship to be refreshingly honest with yourself. 

Shoosmiths' executive coaches will work with you to help you get to know yourself and others better - supporting you as you find your way through challenges in a safe and non-judgemental manner. Unlocking your vision of what the future might look like by exploring your mindset, skills and behaviours with the embrace of a supportive ear driving your own and others' performance as a result. Sometimes dealing with life by yourself is the hard route to take, a Shoosmiths' coach is there to help you through it.

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You may laugh, but in order to ensure that I don’t fall over from the juggling, I do often ask myself “What would Caroline say to me if we were discussing this?” and it helps me get perspective and an acceptance that I cannot do it all.

Anonymous - Senior Manager Automotives 

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