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Live Working

Giving you back an hour a day

We are acutely aware that time is a precious commodity for our clients. We therefore challenged ourselves to review how we (and they) work. We describe our solution as "giving you back an hour a day".

In broad terms, we provide an online platform for our entire relationship with you which enables immediate access to your Shoosmiths team on any device. As an example, a senior stakeholder of one of our main clients uses the platform on their smartphone in board meetings. It will provide you with complete transparency on the active and previous matters on which we have worked with you, as well as key relationship data, 24/7.

We offer this platform free of charge.

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Live Working has become an integral part of our relationship with Shoosmiths and has allowed a smoother and slicker delivery of their service, which encompasses more parts of our business than pure Property. We are truly embedded with them.

General Counsel of a household-name retailer

Benefits & features

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Just brilliant.

Head of Estate Management of a household-name retailer

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