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Delivering commercial & financial performance through others

A leadership module from Shoosmiths Academy

About this course

Managing the numbers can be daunting, understanding how commercial decisions can fundamentally undermine or support your financial plan can be of critical importance. This course looks to demystify some of the financial jargon whilst exploring some of the external economic and internal business metrics that may well influence the financial performance of your organisation.    

What will you learn

  • exploring the key economic and business measures that impact your business
  • understanding the principles of the balance sheet, when to use it and what to watch out for
  • pitfalls and tips when reviewing the profit & loss account
  • the importance of monitoring the cash flow statement  
  • the importance of triangulating key financial metrics and key performance indicators 
  • creating good financial and commercial hygiene  

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed to support both existing or newly appointed leaders and senior managers to develop their skills to be a more effective leader. Previous participants have included heads of department, general counsel and directors.

Course format

Course duration: 6 hours

Method of delivery: classroom facilitation

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