The Shoosmiths client experience

The Shoosmiths client experience

As a Shoosmiths client, you will find us keen to listen and act up on the feedback we receive.

Every service innovation we have delivered in recent years has come about through listening to clients and working with them to find a better way of working that saves time and money. It's thanks to our clients that we have been recognised in national award programmes for innovation and client service excellence.

What you can expect

  • Set-up: we take care to reflect your service preferences in the way we set up our relationship and ensure you receive the service you expect from day one.
  • Clear accountability: your Client Partner is responsible for the service levels you receive and, depending on your needs and preferences, will assign a dedicated and clearly structured team with who you can build working relationships of trust.
  • Identifying your business goals: Shoosmiths' lawyers are business people as well as technical experts - by identifying and understanding what you want, we can advise you on routes to achieving your goals in the quickest and most efficient way.
  • Tools for consistency: the consistency of the service you receive is not left to chance. We work at it and deploy a range of approaches to ensure that's what you get.
  • Budget certainty: we offer flexible pricing menus, including fixed and capped rates, as well as innovative risk/reward structures.
  • Willingness to partner with you: pricing fairly, agreeing fees with you before issuing invoices, meeting your expectations, valuing your feedback , looking at how we can add value commercially rather than just from a lawyer's perspective - it all points to our eagerness to ensure you are happy with the services you get , and get the benefit of our investment in the relationship we have with you.
  • Transforming knowledge for your benefit: not only keeping you aware of changing legislation, but also tailoring information to meet your exact needs.
  • Value-adds: clients and future clients can access free training and e-briefings.

If you have any comments about the service or experience you have received from Shoosmiths, please contact us online.