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5 things experts predict are coming next

At the next tech frontier event held by Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVC2UK), founders and tech leaders gave their predictions of what’s coming next.

The annual series of events in three UK cities mixes transatlantic industry leaders with British entrepreneurs. What is the near future vision these leading lights hope to see? And how will this help the average person in the street rather than harm us?

1. Cheap urban air taxis are coming to a street near you
Dr. Anita Sengupta is one of a handful of female aerospace engineers. She moved from NASA to co-found Airspace Experience Technologies, a company in electric vertical takeoff and landing that aims to start a sustainable movement of affordable urban air mobility. The technology Anita works on could be a game-changer for emergency evacuations.

2. Within ten years, Silicon Valley will be all around us
Gagan Biyani, entrepreneur and co-founder of online learning giant, Udemy said the ecosystem is becoming more global and more people will have the chance to start companies, as entrepreneurs move on from Silicon Valley.

3. Fewer copycats, more purpose and diversity
Martha Lane Fox of fame and the chair and co-founder of technology thinktank, said we probably don’t need more online pizza delivery services or CRM systems. Our approach to innovation needs to shift from going faster and breaking things to going slowly and making things better.

Martha observing her twins being just three years old led her to offer a reflection to attendees. Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say we spend our time doing something good, working with diverse people who challenge us? Are we using our 2019 tools in the best ways possible?

4. What about the good guys?
Raina Kumra of brand movement agency, Juggernaut sees the consequences of technology’s application becoming key, with more of the good guys winning…such as speakers at the event. Anthea Kolitsas is the founder of Project Happy note, a cancer gift subscription service. And Linda Avey, CEO and co-founder of is expanding genetic testing into India - a population that suffers too much from preventable diseases that deserve better information for avoidance - and the developing world.

5. We are what we view
Misan Harriman, founder of What We Seee, an online publisher of diverse, uplifting and inspiring stories said the internet is both a blessing and a curse. Influencer culture will decrease, and new technology such as mirrorless cameras mean that stories will be filmed in almost professional quality – leading to more people telling stories than replicating content.

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