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Nitrate neutrality

Developments on hold, trips to the High Court, nutrient credit schemes... Ever since a European Court of Justice ruling in November 2018, being nitrate neutral has caused headaches and blockages for developers and planners.

Shoosmiths partnered with Planning magazine on a virtual roundtable discussion which examined nitrate / nutrient neutrality, the rules and how developers and authorities can work within them to deliver the right kind of development. In particular, the discussion covered:

  • What are the rules governing the nutrient output of new development?
  • What has been the impact to date of these rules on planning and development in England?
  • What does Natural England’s guidance on how to mitigate harmful impacts of new homes on nitrate levels, recently upheld by the High Court, say?
  • What do applicants and decision-makers need to do to be able to continue to bring development forward while complying with the rules?

Planning lawyer, Matt Stimson, was on the panel, alongside:

  • Peter Home, Associate Director - Turley
  • Simon Thompson, Principal Advisor - Natural England
  • Rebecca Moberly, Principal Consultant, Environment - Planning Advisory Service
  • David Hayward, Planning Policy Manager - Havant Borough Council
  • Ellie Kahn, Online Editor – Planning (Chair)

To watch a recording of the webinar, see here.


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