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Shoosmiths becomes a partner of the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development Network

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by United Nations member states that define 17 global priorities for sustainable development. Together the global goals set out an ambitious agenda for a better world by 2030 – fairer, safer, healthier, more prosperous and in better balance with nature. The goals have been described as the closest thing the world has to a strategy.

The goals are very relevant to the UK. For instance 16.8% of people are in poverty, 40,000 people die from air pollution every year and we are set to miss the target of 15% of our energy coming from renewable sources by 2020. (Source Newcastle University).

That is why we have agreed to become a partner of UKSSD helping it to inspire, influence and inform people, communities and organisations to transform the UK into a sustainable society.

The UKSSD Network, established April 2016 supports organisations seeking to advance sustainable development in the UK. UKSSD’s mission is to inspire, influence and inform people, communities and organisations to transform the UK into a sustainable society.

In July 2017 Shoosmiths became a UKSSD partner and in so doing will support the UKSSD as it seeks to:

  • Influence – using its collective voice to influence people, communities and organisations;
  • Inspire – working together to drive change and inspire others by sharing success stories; and
  • Inform – share knowledge and expertise so that we can all learn

Partnering with UKSSD will help to progress our strategy and our internal and external engagement not least as we seek to influence, inspire and inform Shoosmiths staff.

Partners of UKSSD are asked to:

  • Share their views, to help build the UKSSD’s strategy, feeding in to activities or responding to consultations;
  • Have honest discussions about how they can actively engage with the work of the network e.g. hosting events, donating space or staff resources, making a financial contribution to cover costs;
  • Update UKSSD on their work and provide information to share on its website, including events, publications or new projects;
  • Engage in UKSSD’s digital presence – write blogs, share news items and contribute to newsletters when asked;
  • Share information about UKSSD with networks and act as an ambassador for its work; and
  • Use the UKSSD Partner logo on websites etc. and provide support on social media, particularly Twitter.

To find out more about the work of UKSSD view:

To find out more about our SDG work view:


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