Making a will

Making a Will

Whether you are yet to make a Will or require a review of an existing Will, our experienced team are able to assist.

From ensuring that a Will is legally valid and accurately reflects your wishes to protecting your family and maximising any possible tax savings, there are many things to consider.

Research suggests that over sixty per cent of the population do not have a Will in place. The rules of intestacy (where you die without a Will) are complicated and outdated and can add stress and cost to what is inevitably already a very difficult time for your loved ones.

The process of making a Will is made easier by our dedicated team of specialist and highly qualified solicitors, who will ensure that all of the relevant issues are covered. We take the time to get to know you and your family circumstances - we make no apologies for obtaining detailed information from you from the outset. It is only by getting to know you and your family's circumstances that we can give best advice.

We will guide you through your choice of executors (those to carry out the terms of your Will), guardians for caring for any minor children, funeral wishes and distributing your estate with advice tailored to your circumstances.

We are familiar with the varying types of modern family arrangement, from second marriages to cohabiting unmarried couples, and provide careful, practical advice to offer the best solution for your needs. We understand that not all families are close and will consider carefully any wish you have to disinherit relatives. In recent years there has been a significant increase in litigation surrounding this issue and our team are able to advise you on the impact of this.

We also advise on minor children and how best to ensure that their inheritance is safeguarded until adulthood, vulnerable family members or those with disabilities and the use of trusts to protect any means tested benefits from the impact of any potential inheritance.

We also specialise in more complex matters such as domicile, foreign assets and/or beneficiaries, charitable giving and the disposal of business interests and property portfolios whilst having regard to the inheritance and capital gains tax regimes. We are able to advise on all taxes or work together with your chosen advisor in this regard to ensure that any Will you put in place works with any of your existing financial arrangements.

Our large team are renowned for working with high profile families, celebrities, lottery winners and significant land owners to help them through the Will making process but whatever your needs, we have the right person to help you.