Public service pension schemes

Public service pension schemes

Public service pension schemes are among the largest in the country.

Unlike many occupational private sector schemes, public service schemes (such as the NHS Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme) are open to new members.

Providers of services to the public sector are usually required, by operation of government guidance, to participate in public service schemes in order to protect transferring employees’ rights to retirement benefits. The process of participation and the risks involved in such participation can be complex and, if not dealt with properly, expensive.

The pensions team is able to help employers understand and, through understanding, manage the risk and the complexity that is involved in providing retirement benefits through public service pension schemes.

We are able to advise public and private sector clients who participate in or who are involved in the administration of public service pension schemes such as the NHS Pension Scheme, the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme. As regards participation in those schemes, the team provides an innovative service, Streamline, through which admission or participation agreements can be reviewed, negotiated and finalised for a fixed fee.

Streamline is a fast, reliable and low-cost review and negotiation solution for private sector companies which participate in or are considering such participation in public service pension schemes. Download our Streamline brochure from the box on the left hand side.