Software Development

Software Development

Our technology team advises on a wide array of software development arrangements.

Our nationally recognised experts will advise and guide you through all key legal and commercial risks associated with a software development project, whether using a traditional "waterfall" or agile methodology.

Agile software development requires a very different mindset to the traditional "waterfall" approach. All too often we are asked to review an "agile contract" which is essentially a traditional waterfall development contract with some terminology changes to reflect agile buzzwords.

We take a very different approach to advising on agile development contracts and understand the fundamental distinctions between agile development and the traditional approach to software development. We seek to ensure a balance between the fluid nature of agile development and a level of accountability for the delivery of a minimum viable product.

Our team is respected for its pragmatic and commercial approach which is focused on ensuring successful delivery of the development project for all concerned. In particular, our team is experienced in advising on incentivisation measures and controls of varying complexity to ensure that the development project is developed on time and on budget.