"Shoosmiths always achieve the right result for us. They advise us when and how we should fight and if, when and how we should negotiate. We always achieve a positive result when we work with Shoosmiths."

Julie O'Neill

Legal counsel and company secretary, Electrolux plc

Excellent service and legal advice from team specialising in fraud and litigation and legal disputes delivering an amazing client experience for companies in the UK.

Whilst any litigation is an unwelcome distraction, dealing with the consequences of fraud can be particularly challenging and unwanted.

The instinctive response to confront the perpetrator is not always the right one. Likewise, reputations are not always best protected by doing nothing for fear of bad publicity.

As soon as a fraud is suspected, our fraud experts act quickly to understand your objectives and concerns, preserve and retrieve evidence (including electronically stored data which may have been 'deleted') and protect assets as well as navigating employment, human rights and data protection legislation.

We understand the context and the potential consequences fraud can have for businesses. Protecting reputations are key, and this may mean having to take action.

We can work alongside the police if the priority is to secure a criminal conviction, assisting with the presentation of evidence.

Our fraud specialists have extensive experience of obtaining freezing orders in order to protect assets, search and seizure orders and document preservation orders in order to secure evidence.

We can help businesses develop fraud prevention and detection policies, as well as fraud response plans to guard against future risks.

Work highlights

  • Obtaining freezing and document preservation orders for a UK plc that had been the victim of a complex fraud conspiracy spanning a number of years and involving multiple defendants. A financial recovery in excess of £1.2m was achieved
  • Obtaining and executing a search and seizure order against a corporate dealer and its officers following theft of business critical assets. Recovery of the assets was achieved, together with a favourable costs award
  • Obtaining an emergency injunction requiring the delivery up and disclosure of documents and information relating to the misuse of company property. Following collection of the evidence, judgment was obtained in respect of an interference with goods claim together with a substantial costs recovery
  • Settling on extremely favourable and confidential terms claims against a corporate client and its officers (which would have carried personal liability) for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation.